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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants are small titanium screws that are used to replace teeth. They may also be used to retain dentures. These titanium metal posts act as anchors in the bone. Dental implants biologically fuse (osseointegrate) to the bone to provide a strong foundation for new teeth. Dental implants are stronger than natural teeth, prevent further bone loss and will last for many years. For single tooth replacement, dental implants may be placed at the same time as the dental extraction if the bone conditions are appropriate. If immediate placement is not possible, a bone graft material is placed in the extraction socket and allowed to regenerate natural bone over time. The bone graft material typically requires 4 to 5 months time to harden before the dental implant may be inserted.

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Temporary single tooth dentures are often recommended for appearance but also to maintain the space and prevent drifting of adjacant teeth. Once the implant is inserted, 3 to 4 months time will be required for the titanium and the bone to fuse. A temporary tooth is often fabricated to attach to the implant while the 4 month healing phase occurs. Dr. Vigna will be able to fabricate this tooth with his new Omnicam Intra-Oral scanner. This digital impression is sent to the lab and in a few days the temporary tooth is inserted for you. Dr. Vigna will also be able to fabricate your final porcelain tooth in a similar fashion once the implant is integrated.

No more gagging with impressions. No more drooling while you wait for impression material to set.

Dr. Vigna uses dental implants for both single tooth replacement and for full mouth reconstructions. These implants have an internal conical connection that allows the tooth chamber to be hermetically sealed. This prevents leakage of bacteria and subsequent bone loss around the implant. The implant also allows Dr. Vigna to use an Angulated Screw Channel to insert your tooth crown into the implant. This significantly reduces the need to cement (glue) the tooth onto the implant. Cement is toxic to the gum and bone and is responsible for 81% of implant infections (peri-implantitis)

Dental implants may also be used to provide permanent teeth the same day of surgery. No waiting. One procedure. The technique involves placement of 4 to 6 dental implants at the time of extractions. Teeth are rigidly secured to the dental implants that same day, allowing you to smile and eat that day. In the past, patients had to undergo painful, expensive and time consuming bone graft procedures. Treatment took over one year to be completed. Today, that is no longer the case. The Teeth the Same Day technique allows one to return to work, play, live in just a few days. This All on Four or All on Six technique is also valuable for denture sufferers. No more adhesive. No more embarrassing denture moments. Youth and vitality is restored in one day.

Patients that have been told that they did not have enough bone are now candidates for Zygoma Implants. These longer implants allow one to have fixed upper teeth whether their jaw bone is absent or not.

Dr. Vigna was trained to perform these Zygoma implants in San Francisco, California by Dr. Edmond Bedrossian, the world’s leading expert on Zygoma Implants. Only a few Oral Surgeons perform this Zygoma implant procedure in Ontario.